Bed Bug Removal in Wappingers Falls, Poughkeepsie, NY & Surrounding Areas


The return and invasion of bed bugs started around the turn of the millennium. This is due to increased immigration from around the world, recycled mattresses, those free items you take from flea markets and sidewalks, or when you unpack your luggage from that beautiful hotel you stayed at when on vacation. Bed bugs don't discriminate. You may have the cleanest home in town and still find yourself bitten up in the morning from these little, blood sucking creatures. Bed bugs multiply very quickly. Bed bugs can live a year or longer and females can produce up to 500 or more throughout a lifetime. Nymphs will hitch a ride on your clothes or pets and before you know it, they have not only spread through your home, they have now spread to adjoining apartments. If you need bed bug removal services, call the experts at Buggsies Pest Services Inc. in the Wappingers Falls & Poughkeepsie, NY area today!

Bed bugs are only interested in one thing. YOU! In the wee hours of the morning, while you're sound asleep, they inject an Anastasia into you and feed. You don't even feel their bites but you start to see red bumps on different places on your body. Doctors often mistake these for mosquito bites. Bed bugs feed on blood and being that they can live up to a year or more, they will feed on your pets if you're unavailable. They hide in mattresses, Box springs, electric outlets, picture frames, couches and then all over as they continue to multiply. Bed bugs LAUGH at the sprays that you buy at your local hardware store. Believe me. It is no easy task to eliminate them. You, the homeowner will have some serious preparation work to do before we can even start treatment. I will enclose a bed bug preparation list that instructs you what must be done before we can perform bed bug removal service. Buggsies Pest Services Inc. is committed to the total elimination of bed bugs. This is done over at least two visits. We use a combination of Steam and chemicals. If the infestation has gotten out of control,holes must be drilled around the baseboards to inject a dust chemical. Various other chemicals are used throughout the entire home, and YES, your place will be turned upside down. It is extremely important to treat every inch of your home to insure proper results. The first visit will include the wet chemicals and steam. The second visit will involve dusting the electric outlets, wall voids and possibly drilling small holes near the bottom of the baseboard to inject additional dust. We go to great lengths to insure total elimination. We will offer you the best price over any other Licensed, insured and registered company out there. Rest assured that Buggsies Pest Services Inc. is honestly concerned about you and your family and we are here to help. Don't wait till the problem gets out of control. Call us today to get a free price quote on bed bug removal!

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